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Cramer Remix: This stock is just too sexy to ignore

Finally, Cramer sat down with Brian Walker, the CEO of furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, to hear more about how his company is capitalizing on key market trends.

“We see the consumer being quite strong. Now, a lot of what’s happening to us is there’s this overall trend towards re-urbanization,” Walker told Cramer on Wednesday. “Think about how many people are moving back into city centers … That’s our customer: people who love design who want to be inner city dwellers.”

Besides the company’s marked presence in cities, where numerous Fortune 1000 companies supply their employees with Herman Miller’s popular office chairs, Walker said innovation has put his company on the Internet of Things map as well.

“We’ve entered the [Internet of Things] field with a product that not only makes a desk pair with you and know you, but also pairs the chair to it,” Walker said. “So, imagine that you’re getting up, you’re standing, and the desk automatically rises with you. But it knows, if you’re going to get a cup of coffee, not to rise. So it starts to be almost like the interior of a car, where the product starts to know you, grow with you, and it’ll provide benefits to the facility owner or the company about what’s being used. What’s the activity levels of their people? Are the right people sitting with each other? So it’ll begin to be a data play as well.”

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