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The stock market is in the black for the year

Thursday, a powerful rally pushed all three major U.S. stocks indexes to gain for 2015.

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00:00 Finally the stock market is back in the black for
00:02 the year. Hi I’m David Craig and this is America’s markets.
00:11 Thursday a powerful rally pushed all three major US indexes to
00:15 McCain for 2015. But before you get wrapped up in the
00:18 moment remember that like this when we’re in trouble the stock
00:21 market does have a lot of trouble keeping his head above
00:23 water this year. Just one other day January 8 all of
00:27 the Big Three US indexes closed community caring. What happened after
00:31 that was not pretty at all we played the market was
00:34 down almost three and a half percent. Yeah it’s trying to
00:37 grab life ring because the stock market is about think back
00:39 for underwater. I’m necessarily bad economic news renewed plunge in oil
00:45 or geopolitical flare up to send stocks sliding again. But there’s
00:48 at least one thing way in the market’s favor that’s corporate
00:51 profits. More than 300 companies and if you’re 500 have reported
00:55 fourth quarter earnings. In nearly three quarters of them have beaten
00:59 expectations with Thomson Reuters. Overall corporate profits are expected to be
01:03 up six point four preserved the problem is that is really
01:06 deep 12015. Pessimism is growing about the current quarter. A genuine
01:11 one analysts expected first quarter earnings to be up five point
01:14 3%. Now they expect we’re used to drop one point 4%
01:18 talks with us for kids don’t like free clothes just in

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